Photography . . .

Who can resitst snapping photos when the people and places are perfect? Well, Sandy may be an amateur, but she has a lot of fun looking for the perfect shot. Check out some of the fun blogs she has put together using photos of the places she has visited.

BLOG: Exotic WIldlife of the Galapagos

BLOG: Lights of Morocco

BLOG: Bear Mountain Hike in Sedona, Arizona

What is True Airspeed about?

Photo Blue-footed boobie

Visit True Airspeed to see all Sandy's blogs and learn about adventurous places to visit and stories about how the people live and work, or the beautiful geology or wildlife in places around the world. The Blue-footed Boobie above was found in the Galapogos Islands. The islands belong to the country of Ecuador and were made famous by the studies of Darwin. The creatures were amazing, and the trip memorable. And then there was the kasbah where the donkeys carry luggage up a mountain (the guests hike). Check out:

BLOG: Galapagos (Giant) Tortoise

BLOG: Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco

BLOG: How to Bake Bread in Fez, Morocco.

Mystery & Aviation . . .

A family mystery involving a distant cousin? A photo taken at an unknown location for an unknown event. What did it teach Sandy about her relatives and what history did the airplane behind them reveal about their life? Check out:

BLOG: Case of the Mysterious Biplane

BLOG: Meet the Military-Women in Aviation

BLOG: Girls Fly Too- Graduation from Air Force Pilot Training